September 05, 2018

Give Your Kitchen & Bathroom A Facelift



If you’re thinking of selling your home, which two rooms in your home will make or break the sale? 
The kitchen and the bathroom!

A kitchen or a bathroom renovation can be very costly, but there are some simple and inexpensive ways to give these vital spaces a facelift so they make a great first impression.

Light It Up! 

Kitchen and bathroom lighting is essential. Many older kitchens are poorly lit, or give little thought to task lighting. Update the lighting by using downlights for ambient light, LED lights for workspaces, and beautiful pendants that add personality and flair. In the bathroom, use lighting that flatters your skin, and is bright without being blinding.

Taps + Accessories

Simplicity and elegance are always in style so do away with the grandma-cottage look and update to sleek on-trend chrome, brushed nickel, and black tapware that gives a modern flair to kitchens and baths. New cabinet handles give your kitchen and bathroom an instant boost. You might consider a new sink, especially if there are any stains or chips in the old porcelain. Deep stainless steel sinks are a cook’s dream!


Fresh Paint

You can give your cabinet doors and walls a quick and inexpensive facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Use semi-gloss or gloss (depending on the style of kitchen or bathroom) for easy clean-up and a modern look.

Update Your Shower Screen

Old shower screens, no matter how clean they are, will instantly date your bathroom. Today, you can choose from gorgeous semi-frameless screens to open up the space and give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Cabinet Doors

If the cabinets are in good shape, but the doors look dated, you can replace them. While more expensive than the other options in this list, this approach makes your kitchen look new! You can experiment with deeper-toned lower cabinets and lighter-toned or glass-doored upper cabinets for a stunning look.