August 10, 2017

Renovation Tips That Stand The Test of Time

Chris Pearson 1880 renovation.jpg

How many homes have you walked into that were renovated just a decade ago, and they already look dated? And how many have you seen, that still look fresh, modern and elegant for half a century? Here are vital tips for creating a timeless renovation:

Respect the home’s era and heritage

You don’t have to use period decorating schemes, but do respect its unique character. Even a 1940s “grandma’s cottage” bungalow can be brought into the 21st century - and beyond - with a thoughtful reno that focuses on clean lines, bright spaces and simple finishes and hardware.

Use natural materials

Stone and wood never fail - just match the wood tones to your home’s architecture and again, think clean and simple. 

Use neutrals

Pure white, soft greys and other neutral colours age significantly better than bright accent walls of ochre or mustard. For a pop of colour, use accent pillows and accessories.

Integrate your kitchen appliances

Appliances that are covered in the same cabinet finish as the rest of the kitchen, make the space appear brighter and less cluttered, and they also hide any dated finishes on the appliances.

Think twice about following trends, unless they are easily changed

A kitchen splash back is much easier to replace than cabinets - and can jazz up an otherwise “serious” kitchen. 

Install lots of hidden storage

Nothing looks more dated than clutter. Clean lines, open spaces and a moderately minimalist feel will brighten up any space, and give your “stuff” a home that is easily accessible yet out of sight.

The best approach is “less is more”

Less visible belongings… clean lines… simple finishes… bright open spaces… and a nod to the home’s origins, will create a timeless look that you won’t have to worry about, probably ever again!

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