October 16, 2017

A Well-Staged Home Can Sell Itself!

Staging your home gives prospective buyers an idea of what their things will look like in a home they are considering. They expect a great presentation, but being overly enthusiastic and making these common home staging mistakes can cost you the sale:

Avoid a boring master bedroom

A master that is too ‘perfect’ will end up looking like a hotel room! While you do want to remove family pictures so buyers can imagine themselves in the space, don’t decorate with browns and beiges, and avoid covering the bed in pillows (the classic hotel look). Instead, consider the home’s heritage and decorate sparingly but appropriately to the home’s era.

Keep the scent simple 

Not everybody enjoys the smell of air freshener or scented candles. A better option is to place fragrant flowers on the dining room table, and open a few windows… and make sure that your home is kept immaculately clean while you’re showing it - pet smells in particular can be offensive!

Remove the romance

Who keeps rose petals on the bathtub? Well, maybe Hollywood celebrities… but always keep in mind you don’t know who is looking at your home, and your #1 job is to help them imagine themselves in the space.

Avoid fancy table settings

That’s so… last century! It’s better to leave the table bare, with perhaps just a small understated centerpiece, again to help them visualise their dishes and personal items in the room.

Simplicity is the best approach.

Leave just enough furniture in the home to help them visualise their car parked in front of their new home… their clothes in the closet… their treasures from faraway travels on the wall… their family celebrating a holiday dinner together.

It’s important to take your emotions out of it; you’re selling a house, and they are buying a home - and avoiding these staging mistakes will help you get a quick offer!