June 26, 2019

Over 50s fitness tips for Caringbah seniors


If you’re a senior in Caringbah, one of your most important priorities will be your health. And some mild exercise several times a week will keep you out of hospital or the nursing home.

Think about it: Staying fitter for longer means you can downsize to an apartment and live a full life without needing home care or heading to an assisted care facility.

Fall prevention is critical....


June 19, 2019

23 storage solutions for Caringbah downsizers


Yes, moving to a smaller space and paring down your possessions is meant to make your life simpler. However, finding a home in your new place for what you take with you will be a challenge. It’s best to think it through carefully and prepare before the big move day. Read on for our top tips.

Our storage solutions for smaller homes

When it comes to storage solutions, you’ll...


June 05, 2019

How to assess the value of your Caringbah home


For most of us with family homes, our homes have value beyond compare. However, when it comes time to downsize and leverage the equity in our property, we need to know approximately how much our home will bring.

Of course, there’s the ‘true value’, which is what someone actually pays for your home, and ‘perceived value’, which is the range of prices a potential buyer is willing to...


May 29, 2019

Planning for retirement in the Shire: Have you left it too late?


If you were born any time between 1949 to 1964, you can expect to live to around 84 if you’re a man and 87 if you’re a woman, as is reported by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. And if you’ve maintained an active lifestyle, you’ll likely live longer.

 The problem is that most of us who were born within those years didn’t have superannuation until the compulsory...


May 22, 2019

Remember when? Caringbah history


If you’re a long-time resident of Caringbah, you’ll have seen many changes to our area. Read on to see if we provoke some happy memories for you.

Orchards, market gardens and poultry farms

Known in its early days as Bindarra and Highfield, Caringbah got its name when the Post Office opened in 1912. (Did you know that an early name suggestion was ‘Surprise’?) Fortunately, a Shire Clerk proposed that the area be...


May 17, 2019

Top tips to optimise smaller outdoor entertaining areas


If you’ve downsized from a large family home to a smaller townhouse, or property, you’ll be looking to make the most of your outdoor entertainment area – even if it’s smaller than you’re used to.

As we’ll show you, big isn’t always better, and you can achieve an intimate outdoor space on a smaller footprint.

Define the entertaining space

In a smaller outdoor area, each space needs to work that little...


May 08, 2019

How downsizing from Caringbah can help you live longer


Remember that holiday feeling? The feeling of freedom when it’s just you and a few possessions? Remember how you felt when you came home and had to face reality again, alongside all that additional ‘stuff’ in your life?

In our experience, going through the process of removing unnecessary belongings from your life frees up your time and your mind – and opens new doors.

So, whether you’re downsizing yourself or...


May 06, 2019

Supporting an aged relative with their Caringbah house sale


If you have an elderly parent or relative still living in their own home, and you’re a Baby Boomer or a Gen-X-er, you’ll need to start thinking about how to support your relative as they head towards old age.

There comes a time when the option of ‘ageing in place’ is no longer viable for your relative, and they will need to downsize their property or move to a retirement village...


September 05, 2018

Give Your Kitchen & Bathroom A Facelift



If you’re thinking of selling your home, which two rooms in your home will make or break the sale? 
The kitchen and the bathroom!

A kitchen or a bathroom renovation can be very costly, but there are some simple and inexpensive ways to give these vital spaces a facelift so they make a great first impression.

Light It...


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