August 23, 2017

Renovation Tips That Stand The Test of Time

Chris Pearson 1880 renovation.jpg

How many homes have you walked into that were renovated just a decade ago, and they already look dated? And how many have you seen, that still look fresh, modern and elegant for half a century? Here are vital tips for creating a timeless renovation:

Respect the home’s era and heritage

You don’t have to use period decorating schemes, but do respect its unique character. Even a 1940s...


August 16, 2017

A Well-Staged Home Can Sell Itself!

Staging your home gives prospective buyers an idea of what their things will look like in a home they are considering. They expect a great presentation, but being overly enthusiastic and making these common home staging mistakes can cost you the sale:

Avoid a boring master bedroom

A master that is too ‘perfect’ will end up looking like a hotel room! While you do want to remove family pictures so buyers can imagine themselves in the space, don’t decorate with browns and...